Apartments ZD

General information for Apartments ZD

Distance from sea: 150m
Distance from the beach: 150m
Distance from market „Konzum“ 300 m 
Distance from market „Djelo“ 150m 
Distance from center place 400 m
Aphotteke 200m

About Tribunj

Tribunj, old fishermen’s village, is situated in the Middle Adriatic coats coast, between Zadar and Sibenik, and as whole area, is know for its tradition and historical heritage.
It was first mentioned in 15th century under the name Tribahunj and whole village was built on the small islet and surrounded by the defense walls. The islet is still connected to the shore with small stone bridge.
It is known throughout the cost for its peaceful beaches and bays, clean sea, hospitality and marvelous food and restaurants; its inhabitants traditionally occupy themselves with fishing and agriculture. In August traditional donkey race is held, aiming to preservation of donkeys, as autochthon species.
The nearest towns to the Tribunj are Vodice, also known for its marina, beautiful beaches and rich night-life, especially satisfying the needs of younger guests, then the island of Murter and National Parks Krka and Kornati archipelago.
Tribunj, with its union of tradition and modern standards, definitely offers you unforgettable holiday and memory that will last.